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Multi-State Study Manual for Title Insurance 1st Edition

Avail: 3 Days
Mfg: National Title Insurance Academy

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The content of this study manual was based on the Exam Content Outlines for Title Agent Licensure pulled from all states currently offering state exams as of January 2012. The criteria for the manual was to include coverage of topics tested upon in all or substantially all states. The accompanying single-load Multi-State Interactive CD for Title Insurance provides state-by-state links to state regulators, national testing providers, online statutes, and a 47-page industry glossary. The CD also provides an interactive test component that delivers unlimited multi-topic simulated exams. The test component may be set to “flashcard” mode, enabling test-takers to concentrate on improving their knowledge, one topic at a time.

Written by Karen Koogler, the nation’s leading author of comprehensive title insurance textbooks and study materials, this study manual — which contains more than 500 sample test questions — adds to her series of licensing and certification textbooks. In addition to assisting those independently studying for exams, the Study Manual and Interactive CD provides a meaningful educational foundation for the following: